International Conferences

As head of the Blood Bank, he was keen to attend international conferences, which in turn had a positive impact on developing local and Arab blood transfusion services. In 1970, he attended and lectured at the conference organized by the International Society of Blood Transfusion. As a result of his constant participation in international conferences, the World Federation of Haemophilia awarded him membership on the board of directors in 1976.

Gaining enough experience in the science of blood transfusion, and striving to develop blood transfusion services in the Arab world, he submitted a proposal in 1978 to establish an Arab Consultative Committee for Blood Transfusion Services. This was then referred to the Council of Arab Ministrs of Health- one of the principle bodies in the Arab League. After approving the establishment of the committee, Abdulaziz set the scientific strategy for blood transfusion services and the positive benefits it entailed.

The committee compiled scientific and administrative questions on blood transfusion in a questionnaire, and Abdulaziz personally supervised and observed blood banks in Arab countries and participated in assessing them through making official visits. His colleagues then laid down the foundations of the scientific and administrative laws for establishing the Arab Scientific Consultative Authority for Blood Transfusion Services, which he chaired for 13 years. Along with his colleagues, he was able to organise 3 Arab conferences the first was in Iraq in 1980, the second in Kuwait in 1986, the third in Morocco in 1988.

Morocco in 1988

On the international level, as a member on the board of the World Foundation of Haemophilia, he concentrated on hosting international conferences in Kuwait and thus, the Eleventh Conference for the World Foundation of Haemophilia was held in Kuwait in November 1983.